Vehicle Maintenance

Safe and excellent transportation services require vehicle worthiness. We have in place strict maintenance program for our transportation fleet to ensure our vehicles are always in top condition. Our comprehensive inspection and maintenance schedules allow our vehicles to comply with our stringent requirements on safety and efficiency at all times. All trucks are equipped with GPS system to monitor their journey plan.


We dedicated major efforts into ensuring that the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) are well taken care of. As a logistics transporter for petroleum and palm oil products, we understood the importance of HSSE throughout our entire operation as the products that we transport would affect everyone. All our drivers and staffs are fully equipped and trained on the knowledge to apply proper care to ensure HSSE are not compromised. Furthermore, we have applied systems and procedures to enforce the application of HSSE for all our operations. Hazard Management Process is the fundamental principle of our business, where we analyse each individual hazard and implement the appropriate controls to mitigate the risks. We begin with the Base Safety Standard Compliance and waste management, as the hazard management process starts from our working environment. Road Transport Safety is the primary focus of our operation excellence, with 4 basic steps


In case of emergency, we also have a dedicated Emergency Response System which includes the Emergency Response Plan (ERP), the Emergency Response Team, and the mobile ER Truck fitted with full product recovery equipment. On top of the frontline rescue, we would outline the Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) by undergoing a thorough incident investigation and reporting process. Incident statistics, analysis and learning would be compiled and shared with all levels, particularly frontline players.